From the Pastor 3-27-2016

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AMDG Dear OSJ Family On behalf of the OSJ Jesuits, the Pastoral Staff, and our various Parish Leaders and Ministers, I wish you a  most Happy and Blessed Easter! The Rev. Gerard Manley Hopkins, SJ was an English Jesuit who today is recognized as as one of the finest religious poets of the Victorian age (and is one of my favorites!). Father Hopkins was baptized into the Church of England in 1844, but as a young man became increasingly interested...

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From the Pastor 3-13-2016

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AMDG Dear OSJ Family, On the night before Christ died for us on the Cross at Calvary, he washed the feet of his disciples. This was a powerful gesture on his part. That Almighty God, in Christ, would literally stoop down and wash the dirty feet of those he taught, guided and loved speaks volumes of God’s great love for us! Some say that, besides the cross,  this is the most humble thing that the Lord ever did. So what are we to learn from Jesus...

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From the Pastor 3-6-2016

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AMDG Dear OSJ Family, As we continue with our blessed season of Lent and as we seek to grow in greater faith, hope, and love in this holy time, here are some great opportunities being offered by our parish to help you in your Lenten Journey: Weekly Worship/Mass Schedule Sunday, The Lord’s Day 5:30 PM (Saturday, Vigil Mass) 7:30 AM 9:30 AM  (Family Mass) 11:30 AM (Solemn Mass) 6:30 PM Weekday Mass Monday through Saturday 12:05 PM Sacrament of...

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