Marriage Record AFTER January 1, 1974

If you are seeking a marriage record AFTER January 1, 1974, complete the form below.  Include as much information as you know.

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Marriage Record PRIOR TO January 1, 1974

If you are seeking a baptism record from 1917 to February 1963, or a marriage record from 1917 to January 1, 1974, Click here to download and complete the Genealogical Research Form (These requests are answered by the staff of the Archives and Special Collections at Saint Joseph’s University, where the Old Saint Joseph’s Church Archives have been housed since 2009.)

Baptism and marriage register information for Old Saint Joseph’s Church from 1758 to 1917 is now available online through a public/private partnership between the Catholic Historical Research Center of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the genealogical research service FindMyPast.

You can search the millions of genealogical records in the FindMyPast database for free, but a membership or “pay as you go” account is required to retrieve a transcript or record copy, if available.  You may want to sign up for a free trial. The service gives you the ability to conduct research beyond the Old Saint Joseph’s Church registers in the Catholic Heritage Archive , which includes available baptism and marriage register information from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  The resources in FindMyPast may also provide you with other leads in your family research.

Requests for baptism and marriage records available through FindMyPast will no longer be accepted for research by Old Saint Joseph’s Church or Archives and Special Collections at Saint Joseph’s University.  However, other questions related to the history of Old Joseph’s Church will continued to be answered.