About the OSJ Young Adult Community

We would like to invite you to the Young Adult Community. This group is for all of us, so let’s make it what we all want it to be!

We’d like to encourage active participation and leadership so that all group members can feel a sense of ownership over the process and product. Recognizing that we’re young adults (with jobs, grad school, relationships, etc.), this shared leadership will ensure that nobody becomes burnt-out or overwhelmed.


Everyone can have an opportunity to lead the group in any type of spiritual activity/conversation of their choosing. This way, everyone has a chance to be involved – and all of us can be introduced to new ways to practice and think about our spiritual lives (e.g., how do you find time/ways to deepen your spirituality as a young adult?).

Social Justice

As this is one of the main values of the Jesuits, we include group volunteer opportunities and open dialogue about pertinent issues either in the church or within our community (e.g., a Saturday group community service experience; talks about contemporary issues and our diverse perspectives on them as young adult Catholics; a movie about a particular issue of social justice).


We have fun activities and opportunities that the group can do together, such as barbeques and happy hours!